Google suddenly changed the licensing terms of Widevine DRM, a component used by Z-index to play DRM protected videos. Their lack of response to my request to obtain a license made it impossible to release the app. For further questions, please contact directly the Widevine team here.
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Features ♥


The video will always stay on top of other apps


Takes over the playback when the video isn't visible in the browser


Control actions are synced between the browser and Z-index


Uses your log-in sessions from the browser to play members-only videos


Becomes transparent around the mouse cursor to see what's behind


Mouse clicks are passed to the app behind the video


Every video is played in incognito mode to keep your privacy

Opacity control

Set the opacity of the video as you would like



Is your payment processing gateway secure?

Absolutely! I'm using Gumroad to process pre-orders which is an established, trusted platform by many artists, writers and indie developers like me.

If I pre-order today, my card will be charged immediately?

Your card will be charged when you get the download link and the license key for the app, however it'll be authorized for $10 when you complete the pre-order.

What's the difference between Z-index and Mac's picture-in-picture feature?

Mac's PIP works only with Safari, while Z-index works with Chrome and Firefox and provides many premium features, like see-through, click-through and many more to keep you productive while watching videos.

Why this app is better than Helium and/or Fenêtre?

Because it provides a seemless experience when it comes to watching videos from the web on top of other apps. You don't have to copy paste URLs from your browser to Z-index, or to log in to sites like Netflix. It's all done in the background on the right time. For Helium and Fenêtre this isn't true., there is no subscribe form, I hate useless, distracting emails too...

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